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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is Patta?

    A land patta is a legal document issued by the government authority and can be used as evidence in a dispute. It includes the details of the land property /plot’s legal owner/plot or the person in whose name the property is registered at the registrar’s office.

  • What is the importance of the Villangam Certificate?

    When you’re purchasing or selling a property, you require several documents. One of the essential documents needed in dealing with property is a villangam certificate; this certificate is necessary to establish that the property owned by a person is free of any financial liability, loan, or mortgage. It secures the ownership of the property. Further, it ensures that the property has a legal title.

  • What is the use of a villangam certificate?

    A villangam certificate is useful to review the legality of the title. It is important while purchasing or selling a property as it proves ownership, mortgage liability, property schedule, deed type, history of the registered transaction, registration date, allotment number, and ownership. If a property doesn’t have an encumbrance certificate made, it does not have a marketing title, and thus it cannot be sold.

  • What is a land registration document?

    Registration of land is an essential document to determine the title of the property. Land or property registration refers to the registration of the document, ownership changes, and other transactions involving immovable property. Whenever you acquire land, it is essential to register with the concerned authority to secure legal ownership and a guaranteed title.

  • What is property registration?

    The property registration includes good stamping and paying the registration charges for a sales deed and legally recorded at the sub-registrar’s office.


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